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Legal and Privacy Statement / Mentions légales et Charte de confidentialité

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The Grottocenter site, although it may contain accurate information about caves, was not designed to facilitate the exploration for non-trained cavers. Not every potential hazard may be reported and not all of the information mentioned is verified.

Caving is a multifaceted discipline: cultural, scientific and physical activity. As such, it often requires a significant amount of physical commitment. It is also not risk-free These risks, if they cannot be completely eliminated, are at least largely reduced by following well established practices, that is practices that are fully agreed on , supported and taught by caving clubs , associations and agencies. The Grottocenter website, its representatives and contributors cannot be held responsible for poor or inappropriate caving practices or for any accident or damage that may occur in the caves presented on this website.

Novice readers or cavers who would like to engage in underground exploration, are strongly encouraged to contact a caving club in their area, whose list and contact details can be obtained among others from the UIS (International Union of Speleology), Grottocenter or national federations.

This site is intended to collect and provide information on caving, caving-related organizations and their members. The information provided on this site is not contractual and may be subject to change. This site contains text, logos and images which can be protected by copyright laws or other intellectual property rights. The Grottocenter website may contain links to third-party sites which do not hold the responsibility of the Wikicaves association.

The Wikicaves association is solely responsible for processing data collected on the Grottocenter site.

The information collected on the Grottocenter site is necessary for the operation of the site and for the enrichment of data on the underground environment.

Licenses associated with contributions[modifier]

Data subject to copyright[modifier]

Unless otherwise stated, all rights to the content of the Grottocenter site are granted under license CC-BY-SA. Unless otherwise stated in a particular document or in an appendix thereto, the information it contains under copyright is subject to the license CC-BY-SA.

Data not covered by copyright[modifier]

The Grottocenter database structure is available under the Open Database license: All rights to individual database content, which are not under copyright, are granted under the Database Content License:

Using cookies[modifier]

Users are informed that during visits to the site, a cookie may automatically install on browser software. The information collected using this cookie will be kept for a period of one year.

The cookie is a data block that does not identify users but is used to record information about browsing users on the site. The settings of the navigation software allow to inform of the presence of cookies and possibility to refuse them as described on the following website

Privacy Charter[modifier]

Thank you for using and contributing to the Grottocenter website. Respect for your personal data is important to us. Our privacy policy applies to individuals providing their personal data to the Wikicaves association using the Grottocenter website. Wikicaves is an association based in France. Its head office is located 1909 Route de la Dent d'Oche 74500 Bernex. It therefore abides by French laws and regulations on the protection of personal data which applies the European Data Protection Directive. If you have any question about the protection of your personal data, please contact us:

Scope of privacy policy[modifier]

This privacy policy applies to the processing of personal data collected on the Grottocenter website and which the Wikicaves association is responsible for.

Personal data processing[modifier]

Personal data refers to any information that directly or indirectly identifies a natural person (definition available on the website We process the following personal data : 1. Personal data accessible to all on the Grottocenter website or using the Apis provided by the Grottocenter website • Name • Name • Nickname • Country • Link with cavities • Link with organizations • Link to texts you are the author of • Location for the documents which you have authored • Registration date on the Grottocenter website • History of creations and changes you have made on the Grottocenter website 2. Personal data accessible only to grottocenter site administrators. • Email Address • Number of connections to Grottocenter • Last time you logged in to Grottocenter

3. Personal data stored in an encrypted manner • Password

Data protection[modifier]

Wikicaves is committed to taking all necessary security measures to maintain the privacy and security of your personal data. Wikicaves cannot therefore be held responsible for any hacking of third parties giving access to your information.

Purpose of processing[modifier]

The purpose of processing your personal data is to enrich data related to the underground world via the Grottocenter website

Sharing with third parties and transferring to third countries[modifier]

We use global service providers (providers of web servers, cloud storage systems, e-mail providers) to help us deliver our services and operate under strict confidentiality agreements. These companies are not allowed to use your personal data.

Your rights and obligations[modifier]

We only process personal data that is relevant and necessary for the purpose of our database. You can update your own personal data on the Grottocenter website. If you would like us to update the personal data we are dealing with about you or if you would like to receive a free excerpt of the personal data we process about you, please contact us at with a copy of your proof of identity. When you provide us with personal data, you agree to provide accurate information which does not prejudice the interests and/or rights of third parties.

Moderation and responsibility of the Grottocenter team[modifier]

The site's moderation team will endeavour to keep the site in order, and if necessary, remove or edit all objectionable messages as quickly as possible. Users agree not to post abusive, defamatory, threatening, xenophobic or hate-inducing messages, or any message violating applicable laws.

Doing so can lead users to be banned immediately and permanently.

By registering for Grottocenter, users accept that the webmaster, administrator and moderators of this site have the right to delete, edit, move or lock any content at any time and that, despite their best efforts, it is impossible for them to review all contributions. Messages posted on this site express the views and opinions of their respective authors, not administrators, or moderators, or webmaster (except for messages posted by themselves) and you , the user, accept that they cannot therefore be held responsible for content that does not comply with the rules of the site, and is not yet moderated. A feature to alert moderation teams to the content of content is available. This allows anyone finding inappropriate and not yet moderated content to report it to officials.

CNIL: access and right to review your personal data[modifier]

For information on the protection of personal data, you can visit the website of the Commission for Information Technology and Freedom (

Changes to legal notices and privacy policy[modifier]

The Wikicaves association that publishes the Grottocenter website reserves the right to amend this charter at any time. Any changes to Grottocenter's privacy rules will be incorporated into this charter, and deemed known and accepted.

This charter applies to all Grottocenter services.

Unspoken acceptance of these mentions[modifier]

The visitor to Grottocenter, anonymous or registered, admits, by his use of the various services offered by the site, to have read and accepted the present terms of use.

Modification of this Legal and Privacy Statement[modifier]

GrottoCenter reserves the right to amend this Legal And Privacy Statement at any time. Any changes to the rules of GrottoCenter on the protection of privacy will be integrated into the present Legal And Privacy Statement, and renowned known and accepted. This Legal And Privacy Statement applies to all services provided by GrottoCenter.

Tacit acceptance of these terms[modifier]

The visitor of GrottoCenter, anonymous or registered, recognizes, by its use of various services offered by the site, to have read and accepted these conditions.