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"GrottoTeam": The GrottoCenter contributors

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Here is the "GrottoTeam" list, alphabetically sorted by last name:
  • Fabrice Augier ("Fabriz"): developer
  • Mihai Badau : Romanian translation
  • Christophe Bes: promoter of Grottocenter
  • Nathan Boinet: ergonomics advisor and functional analyst, tester, Wikicaves Assistant Treasurer, (2013-2015 Wikicaves Treasurer)
  • Didier Borg: English translation, Leader UIS-WikiCaves Working Group
  • Thomas Cabothiau: ergonomics advisor and functional advisor
  • Rafael Camargo: Portugese translation
  • Alia Chawaf: developer
  • Imron Fauzi: Malesian translation
  • Lucas Conçalves: developer
  • Remi Gestin: developer
  • Henk Goutier : Dutch translation
  • Natacha Guédu-Landon: German translation
  • Barbara Guzman: ergonomics advisor and English-Spanish translation
  • Vanyo Gyorev : Bulgarian translation
  • Arthur Leblanc: developer
  • Ivan Herbots : Dutch translation.
  • Jana Kändler : German translation
  • Florian Kraemer : German translation
  • Damien Lecha: developer
  • Stéphane Lips: ergonomics advisor and functional advisor, tester
  • Alain Louage ("Kurdky"): developer
  • Ayoub Nehili: Arabian translation
  • Hugo César Mendes: Portuguese translation
  • Fatima Machhouri: developer
  • Ioanna Milona: Greek translation
  • Amandine Panier ("Didine"): developer
  • Christos Pennos: Greek translation
  • Francesc B. Ricart : Catalan translation.
  • Clément Roig: developer
  • Clément Ronzon: designer, ergonomics and functional analyst, English-French translations
  • 'Dominique Ros: Wikicaves Treasurer
  • Vincent Routhieau: ergonomics advisor, functional analyst, tester
  • Godefroy Roussel: developer
  • Fulvio Salvi: Coordonates Italien translaters
  • Benjamin Soufflet : developer, system administrator
  • Bernard Thomachot ("BTH"): promoter and recent changes (RC)/ new pages patroller of Grottocenter
  • Danilo Tomić : Serbian translation
  • Christophe Trannoy: developer
  • Frédéric Urien: Wikicaves president
  • Norbert Weber: German translation.
  • ...
A big thank to these people and all those who participate and contribute to the Grottocenter project!

If you want to make your bit of job, feel free to contact us via Facebook or Wikicaves!