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« Modèle:En/bbs » : différence entre les versions

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→‎BBS/SA is changing : (translation in progress)
(→‎BBS/SA is changing : internal link)
(→‎BBS/SA is changing : (translation in progress))
BBS/SA is about to migrate into a new environment, with the contribution of Wikicaves.
'''Guidelines for contributions into BBS/SA''' ''[translation in French (sorry)progress]''
* [[GrottoCenter:FrEn/Contribuer_au_BBS|ContribuerContribute auto BBS]]
** [[GrottoCenter:FrEn/Contribuer_au_BBSContribuer au BBS#Ajout_et_validation_d'un_document|AjouterAdd etand validervalidate una document]]
'''General information concerning BBS/SA''' available on the following external web pages :
*** (fr) [ Instructions pour la saisie des analyses pour le Bulletin bibliographique spéléologique]
** [ Documentation Center]
** [ SA/BBS online]
== See also ==
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