Modèle:En/Recommandation concernant les nouvelles entrées

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Recommandation concerning input of new entrances data[modifier]

Prépare data input[modifier]

  • Détermine data origin and assess the reliability of their sources. Wwhenever possible, contact data owners.
  • Group date in coherent families based on geographical similarity, biblio sources, etc...).
  • For every family, examine equivalent data already stored in the database. For this purpose, use "Entrances menu" filter (cf. picture hereunder).
"Entrances Menu" of Grottocenter V2 database.

This process will allow to :

  • Find out redondant data and ignore them ;
  • Observe standard displays previously used by contributors in order to keep the same patron.

Realise data input[modifier]

  • Realise, for each family, tests, on small samples, in order to check the success of your input preparation.
  • Feel free to contact Wikicaves team to get advices and hints. Please, use Grottocenter forum.