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Validate a document created by a contributor

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1. Join Grottocenter v3 web site
2. Log in or create an account
You must have a role of Moderator on the site. To obtain this role, you must contact Patrick Deriaz. his contact details are available on the home page of the SSLib

Access the documents to validate[modifier]

3. To validate documents click on: "Document /Document validation"
4. You can organize the information that is present in the table : By clicking on the eye on the left (A) you can choose which columns will be hidden. By clicking on the column title (B) you can sort the items in ascending or descending order


Accept or reject the proposed documents[modifier]

5. You can select multiple documents, accept or reject them. You have the possibility to put a comment, this comment is obligatory if you refuse a proposed document

Edit a proposed document[modifier]

6. A good practice is to edit the document before validating it. This makes it possible to read all the information, to correct it if necessary, but above all to complete it.. the points of attention should be the geographical indications, the subject BBS, which may be subject to error by less experienced contributors. The button used to edit a document is only valid if you have selected only one.


7. Do you have any difficulty using the software, do you have any queries regarding the functionalities?
You can contact the Wikicaves association which publishes the Grottocenter site and the BBS access functionality.