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=== ''Speleological Abstracts / Bulletin Bibliographique Spéléologique'' ''[BBS/SA]''
=== ''Speleological Abstracts / Bulletin Bibliographique Spéléologique'' ''[BBS/SA]'' ===
* [[GrottoCenter:En/bbs|"Speleological Abstracts" (BBS/SA) is changing]]...
* [[GrottoCenter:En/bbs|"Speleological Abstracts" (BBS/SA) is changing]]...
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== Backstage of ''GrottoCenter'' project ==
== Backstage of ''Grottocenter'' project ==
=== Human ressources ===
=== Human ressources ===
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* A page to display [[GrottoCenter:Fr/Statistiques|statistics]] for studies or maintenance of data from Grottocenter V2 database.
* A page to display [[GrottoCenter:Fr/Statistiques|statistics]] for studies or maintenance of data from Grottocenter V2 database.
== Wikicaves ==
=== Son objectif ===
Favoriser le développement de la spéléologie dans le monde, notamment par l'Internet collaboratif : [http://www.wikicaves.org/ wikicaves.org]
=== Board ===
* [[GrottoCenter:Fr/CA Wikicaves|Decisions of Wikicaves board]] (in French only, but you may translate them)
== See also==
== See also==

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Wikicaves association[modifier]


"Promote the development of speleology in the world, especially through web-based collaboration"  : wikicaves.org



Grottocenter project[modifier]

Access and discussions[modifier]

Recommendations to contributors[modifier]

Speleological Abstracts / Bulletin Bibliographique Spéléologique [BBS/SA][modifier]

[Speleos-fr] French mailing list[modifier]

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Legal and privacy[modifier]

User Guide[modifier]

General user guide for GC V2.1[modifier]

In French and in Bulgar only, until now :

User guide for CSV data import (CSV = "comma separated values")[modifier]

In English and in French only, until now :

Caving general information[modifier]

Links in the frame hereunder lead to the Free Encyclopedia, Wikipedia, in English, with access to other languages.

  1. Speleology
  2. Caving
  3. Speleothem
  4. Liste de spéléologues / Liste von Höhlenforschern (not available in English)
  5. List of caves
  6. List of longest caves
  7. List of deepest caves
  8. Liste des plus grandes salles souterraines naturelles (not available in English)
  9. Liste des méga-dolines (not available in English)
  10. Liste des plus grands puits naturels (not available in English)
  11. Liste des plus grands siphons naturels (not available in English)
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Backstage of Grottocenter project[modifier]

Human ressources[modifier]

Authors' rights[modifier]

Some encyclopedic files abouts caves[modifier]

These encyclopedic files are intended to complete and detail the information summarized in the cavities sheets of Grottocenter V.2 and later V.3. They are largely inspired by articles in multilingual Wikipedia encyclopedias.

Do not hesitate to initiate new encyclopedic files, in your language, by taking inspiration from the few existing specimens above, as well as from the Wikipedia encyclopedia in your language.



  • A page to display statistics for studies or maintenance of data from Grottocenter V2 database.

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