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This table will help you to use the CSV import tool available on Grottocenter.

The four steps of the import
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The first step of the import, as indicated on the page,concerns the general information of the import that you are going to carry out. First, using the "Enter" and "Document" buttons at the top of the page allow you to choose the type of data you want to add to the Grottocenter databases. The lower part of the interface of this first step presents a short description of the Kartslink project, on which you can obtain more information by clicking on the left button. The right button will allow you to download an example file. This file is intended to make it easier for you to write your own import CSV file; it contains the correct header (header of the file) and all you have to do is change the information it contains with the data you want to bring to our website.
First step of the CSV import with "Entrances" button selected
First step of the CSV import with "Documents" button selected
The second import step allows you to send us your CSV file in two different ways; you can drag and drop it onto the area provided for this purpose, or download it in a more traditional way by clicking on the area. Only one file will be accepted in this step and it must be a CSV file, any file with another extension will not be accepted.
Second step of the CSV import before the import
Second step of the CSV import after the import
The third step allows you to review the import you wish to carry out. You can thus identify potential errors or omissions that appeared when filling out your CSV file.
Example of the third step display
The fourth step finally allows you to confirm the import and will put the information you want to add into the database by using the "Import" button which is presented to you.
Fourth step display